Garbha Sanskara

GARBHA SANSKARA – Woman’s Journey to Motherhood

garbh sanskara

The universe has given you an incredible gift to give birth to a wonderful blessed child. During the nine month journey, we will be with you along with the nine different diets, sanskars, mantras, mudras and exercises and counseling to help you achieve optimum health status and give birth to a chosen indigo child with the cultures ingrained during the nine month treatment process.

Ayurveda has well defined procedures and medications under obstetrics and gynecology. These practices include infertility treatments, pre-pregnancy care, delivery procedures and post-delivery care. These practices are aimed at a less-complicated delivery and healthy mother and child. Ayurveda is called ‘Ashtanga Ayurveda’ as Ayurveda has divided its treatment protocols under eight sub categories. Gynecology which is known as ‘Prasutitantra’ is one among the eight branches and is one of the most researched branches in Ayurveda treatments. ‘Prasutitantra’ is not just limited to pregnancy treatments alone, but also suggests the best timings for consuming, nutritious food for healthy mother and child, changes in lifestyle in each month of pregnancy etc…

Ayurveda has detailed all the developments of the embryo in the uterus and also the physical changes the mother undergoes at each stage of pregnancy. The general pregnancy is described in ‘Pregnancy Vyakaran’. Similarly, the development of the fetus is mentioned in ‘Garbhavakranti’. Ayurveda believes that awomen at the late stages of pregnancy should be considered as with one feet on the earth and the other one on the world of ‘Yama’. This
statement literally indicates the importance of extreme care during the final stages of pregnancy to save mother and baby fromdeath. A slight negligence may be fatal on the life of mother and baby. The first three months and the last three are most important stages of pregnancy and special care and medication is required at these months. Pregnancy is
divided into four stages by Ayurveda. These stages are named Prajayini, Upasthita Prasava, Prajayi Syamana and Apara Patana. Each stage has to follow its own lifestyle and medications for healthy pregnancy.

Getting stressed during pregnancy can harm your baby. Let go of the load. The only weight you should carry during this period, is your baby’s. Even pregnant women, though impending motherhood is ‘supposed’ to be the happiest period in a woman’s life. And for the most part, it is. But inherently, it is also stressful as it challenges awoman in manyways.
Add external stressors to the changing biorhythms and hormonal havoc, and you could affect not just the mother, but also the growing foetus adversely.

In this program we take care of mother and fetus in the womb for nine months Journey to a newlife.

Garbha Sanskara include :

Vishranti   Prakruti Parikshan
Vishranti   Pathyapathya
Vishranti   Dinacharya
Vishranti   Sutika Paricharya
Vishranti   Yoga, Pranayam
Vishranti   Breathing exercises, Lamaze exercises (optional)
Vishranti   Mudra Vigyan, Yoganidra,Mantras, Kriya Yoga
Vishranti   Post Pregnancy Planning
Vishranti   Childcare for Newborn
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