Lavanya (Skin & Beauty Care Regimen)

LAVANYA – (Skin & Beauty Care Regimen)


The unique combination of the specially adapted Ayurvedic therapies with skin & beauty care spa therapies in the relaxed, tranquil environment of Swasthya are sure to leave you glowing from head to toe.

Let the deft hands of our spa therapists work their magic to help restore and maintain the intrinsic beauty of your skin. Let our trained Ayurvedic therapists perform traditional Ayurvedic therapies to restore the natural balance of your body and watch yourself transform!

Whether you want to awaken your senses, restore the skin’s surface, or flush out toxins to promote healing, I Wellness’s Lavanya – a personalized Natural skin & beauty care program is sure to leave you healthy & radiant!

Lavanya include :

lavanya   Prakruti Parikshan
lavanya   Nadi Parikshan
lavanya   Dinacharya and Diet
lavanya   Facials,MudPacks
lavanya   Head Massages, Hair Packs
lavanya   Sarvangabhyagam/ Shirobhyangam
lavanya   Padabhyangam, Nasyam
lavanya   Pranayam
lavanya   Mudra Vigyan
lavanya   Foot Reflexology

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