Nirmaya(Immunity Enhancement Programme)

NIRMAYA – (Immunity Enhancement Programme)


Repeated bouts of cold and flu, recurrent skin allergies & frequent infections and inflammations are all signals that your immune system needs a boost!

The immune system is a well-designed, complex set of components that combine to fight micro organisms. A healthy immune system identifies these organisms and rapidly destroys them. It also promotes the healing process. A depressed immune system, by contrast, allows invading organisms to thrive.

Several risk factors like depression, stress, anxiety, age etc. can sap the immune system of its effectiveness. Diseases like diabetes, lung disease etc, incorrect use of antibiotics & prolonged usage of corticosteroids, arthritis medications or chemotherapy drugs can lead to a depressed immune system.

Timely Ayurvedic interventions can boost up the immune system & keep recurrent infections at bay! I Wellness integrates these interventions with a wholesome diet & lifestyle advice coupled with a fitness regime in a serene atmosphere to deliver an allinclusive immunity enhancement program.

Niramaya includes a mild detoxification process followed by rejuvenation therapies like Navarakizhi & regulative therapies like Nasyam along with carefully planned Rasayana programs for augmenting the immunity.

Nirmaya include :

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