Shool(Stress Relief for IT Professionals)

SHOOL – (Stress Relief for IT Professionals)


Ayurveda emphasis that each person is unique and has a unique set of issues. Though many people have apparently similar issues, there are a number of differences between individuals in terms of their basic constitution, their state of mind, the place they live in, the food they are used to, the climatic conditions they are exposed to, their strength and stamina, their digestive capacity etc. Taking these and a number of other factors into consideration, Ayurveda recommends that the ideal method of handling health related issues is to adopt a personalized approach.

At I Wellness, our senior Ayurvedic physicians, backed by their vast experience of over three generations can design specific programs for you. The program will be chalked out after a detailed assessment of condition of your body and mind, body constitution and several other factors through a personal consultation and a detailed assessment using traditional & modern diagnostic tools if needed. Thereafter, a unique wellness program is tailor-made to suit your individual needs and convenience. Even during the course of therapy your physician would suggest changes to the schedule to accommodate minute variations that might manifest due to various reasons from time to time.

Let us help you relieve your burden of neck, back, wrist and knee pain, which is a byproduct of your ladder of success in your chosen field.

Using a combination of ayurvedic and spa therapies, postural alignment, diet and minimal exercise program,we make you fit to join the race of life.

We help you align yourself back with the natural forces and get your mind, body ,spirit and soul to transform you into a well balanced person capable of achieving all his goals in work and life.

Package consists of following treatments :

Vishranti   Prakruti Parikshan, Nadi Parikshan
Vishranti   Dinacharya
Vishranti   Pind Swedhan / Patra Potli
Vishranti   Kathi Basti /Manya Basti / Janu Basti
Vishranti   Nasya, Agni Karma
Vishranti   Yoga, Pranayam, Kriya Yoga
Vishranti   Breathing Exercises
Vishranti   Mudra Vigyan, Yoganidra, Kriya Yoga

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