Sthaulya(Weight Management & Fitness Program)

STHAULYA – (Weight Management & Fitness Program)

Today, almost everyone is obsessed with losing weight. Obesity is defined as a condition where one is at least 20% more than the ideal bodyweight. Obesity is normally caused by a sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, an irregular diet&sleep pattern and stress.

Overweight and obesity contribute to diseases like heart attacks, stroke, arteriosclerosis,and diabetes. Mental afflictions like mood swings and even depression – the health implications of obesity are grave, often fatal. Therefore, it is important for everyone to maintain a healthy weight but in the right manner. The weight loss process should be a gradual one; or else, it could lead to ill health. Crash diets or crash fitness programs may seem to very dramatically alter weight, but in the long run, this may produce adverse effects. The weight management should be a gradual, well engineered process involving diet, a tailor made fitness regime, counseling & effective Ayurvedic interventions & medications.

I Wellness’s STHAULYA involves a planned,methodical detoxification process with the ideal diet & exercise regime along with Yoga sessions and the right ambience to make the weight management program thoroughly enjoyable one.

Vishranti include :

Vishranti   Prakruti Parikshan
Vishranti   Nadi Parikshan
Vishranti   Dinacharya and Diet
Vishranti   Udhwardtam/ Sarvangabhyagam
Vishranti   Basti Chikitsa
Vishranti   Yoga, Pranayama, Shakti Sadhana
Vishranti   Foot Reflexology, Accupressure
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