Tejasvi(Mind, Body, Soul Panchakarma)

TEJASVI – (Mind, Body, Soul Panchakarma)


Perfect health is the harmonious blend of the mind, body & consciousness. It stems from a systemthat is perfectly balanced internally and is at total peace with the environment.

Punarbhava is a composite wellness program that is aimed at complete detoxification and rejuvenation of the mind and body, relieving tension, overcoming debility, improving vitality, restoring youthfulness, increasing endurance levels and sharpening sensory perception.

Punarbhava is a 30 day program designed by I Wellness as an exclusive individualized program for complete mind & body fitness involving the time-honoured Panchakarma & Upakarma therapies, a fitness regime, Yoga & meditation training & a wholesome diet.After a complete profiling of the individual & the risk factors, a program including the traditional Panchakarma therapies like Vamanam, Virechanam & Nasyam and special rejuvenation therapies like Nhavarakizhi , are tailor made to deliver absolute mind & body fitness in a natural environment perfectly suited to achieve ideal
health & longevity.

Shambhavi include :

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