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Binge booze nightmares

Getting hammered on a regular basis? A thumping hangover could be the least of your problems.

Here are a few sobering facts about what booze can do to your body. You could:

• put on weight and suffer from acne
• be more likely to have unprotected sex and contract a sexually transmitted infection
• become an easy target for muggers. You’re also more likely to have an accident or get into a fight. 70% of weekend A&E attendances between midnight and 5am may be alcohol related. Want to end up with a face like the guy pictured above?
• be more likely to have a serious accident. Too much alcohol can make you feel invincible when you’re at your most vulnerable
• damage your liver
• decrease your sperm count
• become more prone to conditions such as heart disease and stroke, or damage your nervous system

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