Body Sculpting FAQs

Body Sculpting

What are the benefits of Body Sculpting?
The procedure is done without anesthesia, eliminating the risks of general anesthesia. Only radio frequency and magnetic pulses devices are used so there is no discomfort and no pain after the procedure. Patients have a faster recovery and are able to return to their daily routine immediately.
What is the difference between Liposuction, SmartLipo, Vaser and Body Sculpting?
Liposuction is the oldest and most traditional method. It is usually done under general anesthesia in a hospital or ambulatory surgery center. A high-powered suction machine is connected to suction cannulas to remove the fat. There is some blood loss with this procedure plus the risks of general anesthesia.

SmartLipo or SlimLipo is a laser-assisted liposuction that uses high energy light wavelengths to melt fat cells and stimulate the skin to cause retraction and tightening. Because of the heat derived as energy, these types of procedure were developed to treat specific small body parts that were difficult to access with other methods.

Ultrasonic Lipo or Vaser Lipo uses sound waves to help break up fat to make it easier to remove. It is one of the safest methods of far removal.

Body Sculpting is not a device. The technique, knowledge and skills of our team are the main tool used to achieve and deliver great results. Body Sculpting is considered one of the safest methods available in the field of cosmetic surgery..

Can multiple areas be treated at the same time?
Yes, most of the time it is possible. After your initial medical consultation, the doctor will advise you how to proceed with the treatment. Patient safety is our priority.
What is the post procedure period like?
Patients are able to walk and resume light activity immediately after the procedure.
When can I go back to work and to the gym?
You can immediately return to work after their procedure. Patients can walk. Low impact exercise like walking, yoga and Pilates can be resumed after one week. High impact exercise can be done after one week.
Will fat grow in other areas if I gain weight after?
It all depends on the lifestyle and aging of that person. Also, if patient ages well and maintain skin elasticity, results will be long lasting. Patients with poor elasticity may experience loosening of the skin over time.
What if I’m taking medication for diabetes or blood pressure?
Patients with type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure might be candidates for Body Sculpting. It all depends on their current health status. Some medications need to be avoided prior to these procedures, but not ones for diabetes or high blood pressure. In fact, some patients need to get their medications adjusted after the procedure because they have seen a significant improvement in their blood sugar level and blood pressure.
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