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VISHUDDHI – (Detoxification Programme)

Toxic residues tend to accumulate in the body due to various reasons and cause cell and tissue damage, leaving one prone to many severe health conditions like cancer, liver & kidney damage, arthritis, atherosclerosis to name a few.

Occasional bouts of stomach disturbances, headaches, irritability, a general feeling of uneasiness or fatigue in the middle of a busy day are often signals to denote that it is time to detoxify.Very often there are no symptoms at all and one gets no clue till problems erupt.

IWellness , Visudhi programs are specially designed to get rid of these toxins, cleanse each & every cell of the body&invigorate the mind!

Vishuddhi includes :

Vishranti   Nadi Parikshan
Vishranti   Dinacharya and Diet
Vishranti   Sarvangabhyagam/ Swedanam
Vishranti   Vamanam/ Virechanam
Vishranti   Basti / Nasyam
Vishranti   Yoga, Pranayama
Vishranti   Prakruti Parikshan

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