What is Wellness?

Wellness / Good Health

Wellness/good health has traditionally been viewed as freedom from disease; thus, if you were not sick, you were considered healthy. This perspective is changing. While everyone agrees that the absence of illness is one part of being healthy, it doesn’t indicate whether you are in a state of well-being.

Wellness,a state of Health

Wellness, as a state of health, is closely associated with your lifestyle. Each person has a responsibility to provide for such health essentials as good nutrition, proper weight control, exercise, and controlling of risk factors such as smoking, alcohol and drug abuse. These things all play a role in wellness.

Wellness Research

Wellness research shows that People who take care of themselves and manage their lifestyles are healthier, more productive, have fewer absences from work, and make fewer demands for medical services. An article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association indicated that, in one study, the “wellness” approach resulted in a 17 percent decline in total medical visits and a 35 percent decline in medical visits for minor illness. The subjects involved participated in a year-long self-care education program.

Since lifestyle has been found to be the single most important factor determining your pattern of general health, it is important that you be educated to “take charge” of your daily life and to set healthy lifestyle goals. The choices you make have a dominant influence on your health ad wellness. The secret is not in medical care, but consistent self- care. While traditional medicine concentrates on alleviating or curing disease, the wellness approach encourages you to take personal responsibility for your well-being.

Wellness is not the mere absence of disease. It is a proactive, preventive approach designed to achieve optimum levels of health, social and emotional functioning. Wellness can also be defined as an active process through which you become aware of and make choices toward a more successful existence.

Basic Concepts

Social Wellness involves developing friendships, healthy sexual behaviors, the ability to interact comfortable with others and generally works for harmony in personal and community environments.
Intellectual Wellness is the strong desire to learn from challenges and experiences. It encourages ongoing intellectual growth, and creative yet stimulating mental activities which provide the foundation to discover, process, and evaluate information.
Spiritual Wellness is the willingness to seek meaning and purpose in human existence; being open to diverse multi-cultural beliefs and backgrounds. Being spiritually sound enables one to seek out the perfect harmony between that, which lies within one’s own spirit as well as with outside forces that coexist.
Emotional Wellness is having the ability to acknowledge and accept a wide range of feelings in oneself as well as in others. It is being able to freely express and manage one’s own feelings to develop positive self-esteem in order to arrive at personal decisions based upon the integration of one’s attitudes and behaviors.
Physical Wellness encourages regular physical activities, proper nutrition and health care, such as exercise or sports, and personal hygiene. This type of physical activity discourages dependence on tobacco, alcohol and other drugs (prescription or street).
Occupational Wellness focuses on the integration of various components of the wellness framework into planning for a healthy future, such as career, family and future wellness. It develops the understanding that decisions and values may change as new information arid experiences are attained.

Wellness is…

A direction in which by its nature, moves us toward a more proactive, responsible and healthier existence.

The integration of the body, mind and spirit.

The loving acceptance of ourselves today and the exciting free search for who we choose to become tomorrow.

Living by choice; a completion of the daily decisions we make that lead us to that person we choose to become.

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